An explorer for the cache stored in Internet Explorer


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As you browse the Internet, your browser accumulates different elements from the websites you visit, like cookies, text, images, Flash animations, and Java applications. This way, when you return to that website, the loading time will be significantly reduced since many of the elements that need to load are already stored in your browser.

IECacheView is an application for Internet Explorer with which you can view the stored cache on your browser via an external explorer, all without having to be online.

The program barely takes up any space on your memory, and it doesn't require installation. Just execute it each time you need it, and in a matter of seconds, you'll be able to use it. The cache shows up on a list that you can organize however you like. You can recover saved files, open them, copy the URL, open the local folder, and other options, too.

Finally, IECacheView includes a search option. It can also generate an HTML report which includes all the elements on the list or just the ones you select.
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